Company: SPAR ICS
Employee – Software Architect (Mobile Apps)
Nov 2015 – Aug 2018

SPAR ICS is the dynamic IT service partner of the SPAR Austria group – a Central European retailer. It provides IT solutions for the business units SPAR, Hervis and SES for seven countries (Northern Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bavaria, and Switzerland).
(source: https://www.spar-ics.com/en_US/company.html; retrieved August 21, 2018)

I worked at SPAR for almost three years – primarily as a software architect with a focus on mobile applications.
Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of my activities and responsibilities during my time at the company.


Software Architect (Mobile Apps)

  • Planning and designing of software solutions and products

  • Application Integration

  • Consulting of business departments regarding mobile apps

  • Requirements Engineering

  • Introduction of standardized processes for mobile applications
    (development processes, configuration management, build automation, deployment processes)

  • Development of B2E apps & backend applications

  • 3rd level support

  • Coordination of external partners & agencies

  • Technology Manager in software projects

  • Coaching and supervision of trainees

Innovation & Digital Transformation

  • Member of the SPAR Digital Innovation Forum
    (Interdisciplinary team of IT professionals and experts from the business departments)

  • Member of the SPAR ICS Google Pioneers
    (Google Cloud Platform; Strategic partnership with Google)

  • Development and presentation of prototypes on innovative topics
    (Chatbots, Voice Interfaces, Cloud Native Applications, Progressive Web Apps, Machine Learning APIs)