Company: Hello bank! (BNP Paribas S.A.)
Freelance Web Developer
 September – November 2018

Hello Bank!, formerly known as direktanlage.at, is a digital direct bank owned by BNP Paribas and is Austria’s market leader in online brokerage.
(source: https://www.hellobank.at/c/die-bank/uber-uns.aspx; retrieved November 21, 2018)

About the web application:
As a shareholder, you are entitled to participate in a company’s general meetings to exercise your voting rights. To prove that participants own shares of the company and thus have voting rights, they have to request a voting card from the custodian bank beforehand.
The web application I created is used to manage general meetings, request voting cards, and facilitates the business process for issuing voting cards to customers.

Technologies & Frameworks.